DoubleDutch unveiled its plan for the future of "Live Engagement Marketing" with the launch of its new Live Engagement Platform that is purpose-built to transform analog events into social experiences. With this platform DoubleDutch says events can finally be measured and managed as easily as other digital marketing channels such as Google ads, social or mobile campaigns and email marketing.

“We have long believed the true power of events has never been tapped, resulting in billions of dollars per year in wasted spend,” said Lawrence Coburn, CEO and founder of DoubleDutch. “DoubleDutch is driven by our insight that the face-to-face actions, behaviors and conversations that happen at live events are a proxy for the purest source of intent—exponentially more powerful than a Google search or an email open. But until now, there has been no way to digitize and capture this engagement data.

Constellation Research reports that events comprise up to 33 percent of marketing budgets. Every year, companies spend more than $300 billion on analog events in an attempt to engage with clients.

DoubleDutch’s new technology “stack” for live events is highlighted by its Live Engagement Platform. At the core of each live event is a mobile Live Engagement Event App, which amplifies what’s happening and energizes attendees to engage. It gives attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors a channel by which they can interact with each other and augment the physical experience. 

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform

The DoubleDutch Live Engagement Platform is an ecosystem of applications, integrations, and performance metrics that allows event organizers and marketers to digitize live event experiences, capitalize on the engagement signals, and supercharge business outcomes.

The platform integrates with both Marketo and Salesforce, enabling marketers to easily move data captured during an event back into their marketing and sales systems of record. This data can then be used to unlock a new class of marketing and sales leads, trigger targeted campaigns based on show floor activities and interests, and enable personalized sales follow-ups in near real time.

The suite of DoubleDutch Live Engagement applications allows event owners and marketers to manage engagement and participation, insert sponsor and exhibitor communications, and offer detailed analytics applications to monetize and optimize business results.

With the ability to capture and analyze live engagement data, DoubleDutch provides marketers with:

Live Engagement Data: This new category of data consists of engagement signals captured through interactions at live events, providing the clearest insight about the intent of each attendee.

Live Engagement Journeys: The new platform empowers marketers to execute a new class of campaigns called Live Engagement Journeys. Live Engagement Journeys are executed before, during, and after live events. They make up a special class of campaigns built to capitalize on the anticipation and excitement of people going to a live event, the experience people have at the event, and the energy after its over.

DoubleDutch also announced a number of new capabilities for the Live Engagement Platform including event copying and templates and smart recommendations. Click here for more information.

DoubleDutch Appoints Chief Revenue Officer

In addition to the launch of its Live Engagement Platflorm, DoubleDutch announced it has appointed Dave Simon as its Chief Revenue Officer. Dave joins DoubleDutch after spending two years as VP of North American Sales for Oracle Marketing Cloud following its acquisition of Responsys, where he was the VP of Sales for North America. Simon will be responsible for overseeing DoubleDutch’s worldwide revenue operations to continue to drive growth and expand the company’s global market share.