The Anaheim Marriott has invested in renewable energy with the installation of a commercial solar system placed on three portions of the hotel roof. The industry-leading system was recently activated, and it currently fuels the daily power needs of nearly one-third of the property’s 1,030 guest rooms.

Positioned above the Platinum, Grand and Marquis Ballrooms, the new photovoltaic system features 1,805 solar modules. It is projected to produce 880,000 kilowatt hours of power per year, generating a reduction in annual hotel energy consumption equal to the elimination of a year’s greenhouse gas emissions from 131 passenger vehicles, or the CO2 emissions of 68,168 gallons of gasoline consumed.

“While this investment makes clear economic sense, the reduction of our carbon footprint is also extremely meaningful to our associates, our guests and the surrounding community,” said Alex Shotwell, director of sales and marketing. “We look forward to promoting further clean energy advances.”

The solar power installation at Anaheim Marriott was implemented in partnership with SoCore Energy, a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Edison International. Marriott is the sole owner of the project.

The hotel adjoins the Anaheim Convention Center and offers 100,000 square feet of event space.