SPIN:Senior Planners Industry Network announced a name change—becoming SPIN:Senior Professionals Industry Network. The organization also reported that it will welcome veteran suppliers into its ranks.

SPIN was formed in 2008 to fill a need for tailored education and networking for senior-level meeting planners. As the association enters its 10th year, SPIN has decided to allow suppliers with at least 10 years of experience to join its ranks. Supplier membership will be capped at 33% of overall membership.

“We’ve had a 33% supplier ratio at our annual conference, SPINCon, since its inception, and it’s been a great environment for both sides,” said SPIN founder Shawna Suckow, CMP. “We’re looking forward to our membership reflecting the great environment—and participant ratio—we’ve built at SPINCon.”

After starting as a LinkedIn group, SPIN has grown to 3,000 members in North America and Canada.

“Our strict planner focus has resulted in some really one-sided conversations and education,” said SPIN VP of communications, Carolyn Browning, CMP. “It’s time for us to evolve and bridge the gap, to be the place where the industry’s most experienced professionals meet, connect and change the industry.”

While SPIN now welcomes supplier membership, its online community fosters a no-selling environment.

“We want to keep the focus on connections and conversations that build relationships, not just transactions,” said Tracey Smith, CMP, CMM, SPIN Advisory Board member.

“Any of our supplier partners who’ve been to SPINCon know that the vibe within SPIN is really special, and we all want to protect that. SPIN is the place to foster real relationships.”

Senior-level suppliers are invited to apply for membership at www.spinplanners.com. Membership is $799 through the end of Oct. 2017, with two bonus months of membership included for a total of 14 months. If supplier membership spots still remain open, dues will increase to $899 on Nov. 1, 2017.