Sonoma County Tourism posted following update to its website on Oct. 16, 2017.

The people of Sonoma County are awed and humbled by the emergency responders who answered the call and came running to Sonoma County during the area’s recent wildfires.

The fires, which are in the process of being contained, are situated along Sonoma County’s eastern border, including Sonoma Valley, Santa Rosa, and Geyserville.

Western and southern Sonoma County, as well as the Pacific Ocean coastline, have not been impacted.

“While the fires impacted a portion of Sonoma County, the vast majority of our scenic beauty, rolling vineyards, amazing wine, and locally grown food remains intact,” said Tim Zahner, interim CEO of Sonoma County Tourism.

Sonoma County Tourism has been flooded with well wishes and requests from around the country on how people can help Sonoma County recover.

While it’s still early in the process, here are some ways to support the recovery efforts:

Donate to recovery efforts. Local non-profits like the North Bay Fire Relief,; and Sonoma County Resilience Fund, are collecting funds for those displaced or affected.

Continue to support Sonoma County wineries, breweries, cheese makers, farmers and local artisans. Purchases of items that were bottled in, made in, grown in, brewed in or otherwise came from Sonoma County help local families recover economically.

“If everyone who bought a bottle of Sonoma County wine last year donated the equivalent amount to relief efforts, it would go a long way to helping,” Zahner said.

“When the time is right, we’re going to need you more than ever to visit and help Sonoma County’s hospitality community get back to work," he added. "Our 20,000-plus tourism jobs are among small, locally owned businesses. We want to see you and welcome you to the Sonoma County we all love.”

Zahner did urge visitors to contact hotels, restaurants and wineries before visiting. Updates on what is open can be found at