Rock, paper, scissors … meeting! In an effort to stand out among competitors, the Valley Forge Tourism & Convention Board (VFTCB) sales team is providing meeting and event planners with a Decision-Making Tool Kit that offers a twist on the rock-paper-scissors game to raise awareness of its innovative and iconic meetings and event offerings.

“We wanted something universal,” said Scott Higgins, associate director of sales. “The rock, paper, scissors game is a universal language. Regardless of your age, you know how to play it.”

The box promotes the organization’s Revolutionary Events brand, which targets groups, and includes three items—a handwritten note, a visitor guide and a clear message.

The promotional meetings box includes:

  • Rock candy – Get a solid start with Montgomery County’s 75 hotels and 1,600 restaurants.
  • A notebook (paper) – Stick out from the rest and make the event or meeting noteworthy.
  • Scissors – Be cutting edge.

“This is a truly experiential marketing invention, and a way to encourage meeting planners to book more meetings with us in Montgomery County!” said Lisa Karl, VP of sales and strategic partnerships.

Planners who receive the box are encouraged to use the hashtag #decideonmontco, and post photos on social media of themselves with the box, or playing the rock-paper-scissors game to be entered to win a gift card.

Besides the toolkit, the VFTCB sales team will continue to implement other initiatives and selling strategies to make sure Valley Forge and Montgomery County are well-known, including:

  • The Meeting Planner Rewards Program, which allows meeting planners to earn up to $3,000 for their next meeting with at least 50 room nights in Montco.
  • And, attending more than 50 tradeshows, and 20 international programs, to generate more leads.

For more information on these promotions, contact