The 400-room Stanford Court Hotel completed a multimillion-dollar renovation, including an updated arrival and check-in experience, remodeled guest rooms and corridors, redesigned lobby, updated meeting spaces, the addition of a state-of-the-art fitness center in a glass "greenhouse" environment, and new local partnerships and programming.

The new guest rooms are outfitted with an exclusive mix of modern functional furnishings and high-speed internet connectivity. Stanford Court also provides guests with reusable water bottles that can be topped off at filling stations located throughout the hotel.

"Character, culture, tech, style and comfort are the focus of the new Stanford Court. Our mission is to redefine what a hotel is to travelers seeking fresh and authentic ways to savor our city," said Tony Roumph, general manager. "A combination of practical comfort and refined revelry is the goal for this new era of our storied hotel."

Stanford Court seamlessly integrates San Francisco's grand history, culture and milestone moments with the legacy of the hotel's namesake, railroad mogul and philanthropist, Leland Stanford. Restored and relocated to the hotel's entrance is a three-ton, 10-foot-tall granite penguin sculpture by renowned Bay Area artist Beniamino Bufano, which for 45 years, was "lost" in the landscape at the corner of Pine and Powell streets.

The lobby features a custom-created, expansive mural based on photographer Eadweard Muybridge's "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop," an innovative photo series centered on a horse's gait. Commissioned by Stanford in 1878, the series of 24 images shot in rapid succession not only enabled Stanford to win a bet proving horses become airborne in gallop, but also laid the groundwork for the motion-picture industry. On the ceiling of the hotel's bar is a scene from the legendary car chase through the streets of San Francisco from the 1968 movie "Bullitt," starring Steve McQueen.

The lobby also boasts a music room with a record player and hundreds of vinyl albums and an enhanced self-serve market featuring food and beverages from local purveyors.

Among Stanford Court's core values is sustainability. New, green amenities-Blix Electric Bikes, FloWater filling stations, low-flow toilets, electric vehicle charging stations, and extensive access to electronic magazines and newspapers through PressReader-reflect Stanford Court's commitment to minimize its carbon footprint.

The newly added Seven Stills Nob Hill offers craft beer and whiskey tastings from local craft brewer and distiller Seven Stills. This is the company's third outpost in San Francisco and the first to offer a food program specifically designed to pair with its libations.