CORT Events announced its top event and meeting design trends for the fall season. Art deco, mixing rustic with industrial and an homage to 80’s decor are in demand design elements for events this fall. The furniture, lighting and accessories rental company is seeing clients go for a dramatic feel and lean into fun themes for fall events.

Art Deco

The Art Deco trend reminds attendees of the Golden Age and creates a whimsical escape. Using metallic finishes and dramatic colors and utilizing pieces that glint and sparkle can help pull off this look.

Designs that are dramatic in colors, like deep blues, greens and reds pair well with metallics. Geometric patterns lend a feeling of luxury and sophistication.

“Our clients are always looking for ways to make the standard event feel exciting and new,” said Kevin Dana, executive director of marketing and product development at CORT Events. “The best way to add drama to an evening is to make the details count. Start with gorgeous, customizable bars.

“These illuminated bars set the mood of an event and can easily be branded with custom graphics or logos,” he added. “To play up the Art Deco theme, mix marbles and metals and dress up classics, such as a Wilshire Sofa, with eccentric touches.”

Mixing Rustic With Industrial

According to CORT Events, blending rustic and industrial elements is another top trend this fall, creating a look and feel that is modern yet accessible. To accomplish this, refine the outdoorsy feel of rustic decor for a more eclectic look that feels comfortable for guests, yet still feels modern and updated.

Metallic gold accents pair effortlessly and transform a simple event space into a chic and curated gathering place. Wood laminates are also a clever way to incorporate the rustic feel into a design plan.

The 80s Are Back

CORT Events also finds that the 1980s are making a comeback. The pops of color and patterns are transitioning the 70’s trends of the summer into the 80’s trends of the fall. To transition through the decades, play with iconic shag rugs and color pallets that feel retro and radical.

Warm metallics like gold, bronze and rose gold will pop with the fun and funky patterns and colors.

“Mid-century furnishings that resonate with attendees year after year can be amped up with colorful accents for events while not being overly thematic,” Dana said.

“Danish modern pieces compliment autumnal hues like deep purple, warm yellows and spicy oranges,” he added. “Don’t be afraid to mix trends in with a traditional seasonal feel.”

Check out examples of each style in the images below:

Art Deco Design Example, Credit: CORT Events

Art Deco Design Example, Credit: CORT Events

Rustic Industrial Design Example, Credit: CORT Events

Rustic Industrial Design Example, Credit: CORT Events​

80s Design Example, Credit: CORT Events

80s Design Example, Credit: CORT Events​

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