Eastern Canada

From the bustling city of Toronto—the most populous city in Canada and capital on the Ontario province—to the narrow streets and historic buildings reminiscent of a European town in Quebec City, Eastern Canada is a diverse range of destinations to offer meetings, events and incentives of any size. And the season doesn’t matter, either. Canadians embrace the cold just as much as the fleeting summer months, meaning you can easily add memorable activities such as skiing, harvesting maple syrup or ice canoeing. 

Plus, don’t miss a chance to bring your group to one of Eastern Canada’s many impressive venues, especially its collection of Fairmont properties across the country. Known as the “Castles of the North” these historic hotels tell the story of the first railroad connecting Eastern and Western Canada, and the major early 20th-century tourism push that came with it. 

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Expert Tips for Bringing a U.S. Meeting to Canada

The advantages of taking a meeting that is traditionally held in the U.S. across the border to Canada are many, from a currently favorable exchange rate to a division within the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) that is primed to make the transportation of materials go as smoothly as possible. Learn how to take advantage of the system.