Dare to Interrupt

Stop Trying to Be the Hero(ine): The Complexities of Having It All

As we're trying to keep up with the comeback of the events industry, are we setting ourselves up to fail? Kelley Douglass, director of client services at Agenda: USA, joins Dare to Interrupt podcast host Courtney Stanley to discuss setting boundaries to prevent burnout, her personal experience with battling depression, and the complexities that come with trying to be everything to everyone.

Live Out Loud: Owning Who You Are, as Defined by You

How, as women, can we learn to consistently—and confidently—embrace who we are? In this Dare to Interrupt podcast, Zoe Moore, diversity, equity and inclusion consultant and founder of Moore Consulting Agency, shares how she has given herself permission to amplify her strengths, redefine her own standard of beauty and show up as her authentic self.

Podcast sponsored by Myrtle Beach Convention Center. 

You Can Do Hard Things: If You're Not Uncomfortable, You're Not Growing

How can you continue to evolve and grow as an impactful leader? In this episode of the Dare to Interrupt podcast, Amanda Armstrong, senior vice president of brand and community engagement at Encore, shares her perspective on leading vulnerably, making tough decisions and surrounding yourself with a strong support network.

Being a Buffalo: Walking Through the Storm of Loss

Why is death a taboo topic? In this Dare to Interrupt podcast, Mariska Kesteloo, founder of Word of MICE, shares her story of losing four loved ones over the span of five months—and the mission she is on to change the way we navigate grief.

Roe v. Wade, Brave Spaces, and Controversial Conversations

In this special roundtable-format recording of the Dare to Interrupt podcast, powerhouse leaders Devin Lewis, Mei Powers and Shelley Williams address a handful of today's most pressing topics, including how the overturn of Roe v. Wade will affect the meetings industry, the importance of building brave spaces, and how to represent oneself in a way that's authentic, strategic and impactful.


Podcast sponsored by Monterey County CVB. 

Career vs. Family, Critical Thinking and Asking for More

Anh Nguyen, head of customer success at twine and principal and founder of Spark Event Collective, discusses the lost art of critical thinking, redesigning the business model for career women who are caretakers, and the importance of community support to advance and succeed.

Owning the Skin You're In

How can women in business navigate and challenge stereotypes associated with their outward appearance? Anca Trifan, Founder, Creator and CEO of Tree-Fan Events, speaks candidly about her experience as a woman in the male-dominated field of A/V and event production.