Health & Wellness

The World of Wellness in Meetings and Events

During this wellness-focused webinar, Kristine Iverson, founder and president of Crow Practice, will aim to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to integrate wellness trends into event planning, as well as share tools and techni

How to Protect Yourself From Bed Bugs While Traveling

Worried about encountering bed bugs during your next meeting or event? From how to check for bed bugs—and what to do when you find them—to exploring who is liable if your booked property has an infestation, here’s everything meeting planners need to know about these pesky critters. 

9 Comfortable Work Shoes for Event Planners

With long days on one's feet common in the events industry, one thing going for us is that style has made its way to the “comfortable shoe” market. Following are some recommendations from industry peers who have found their go-to shoes that ease the discomfort of a long day.

Living Fearlessly, Embracing Change and Celebrating Life

How often do we pause to appreciate the life we have, and are we really experiencing the best life we can? Megan Powers, Chief Strategist at Powers of Marketing, shares her story of uniting the events community to celebrate and honor the legacy of industry leader and friend, Elizabeth Glau.