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The Oaklander Debuts in Pittsburgh

The Oaklander Hotel opened in Pittsburgh. The Autograph Collection property is across from Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, in the city’s Oakland neighborhood. The hotel is home to Spirits & Tales restaurant, 167 guest rooms and five event spaces.

Set high above Fifth Avenue, The Oaklander stands lookout where Pittsburgh's most industrious neighborhood unfolds. The 10th-floor lobby allows guests to soak in never-before-seen views of Oakland as they check in.

Each room also has its own unique view of the neighborhood and its famed architecture.

The design of the hotel was inspired by the neighborhood itself.

From entry to exit, guests experience the lively neighborhood energy and the regional richness of Pittsburgh's unique personality. The design can be described simply as down-to-earth-elevated and lends itself to sophisticated fun with burnished brass and gold accents, sumptuous textures, and thoughtful touches in the most unexpected of places.

"Oakland has a strong pulse and energy tempered with a historic foundation," said interior designer Ami Kahalekulu of Twofold Design. "We wanted to tap into this feeling of 'a forward-thinking institution yet someplace comfortable.

"The goal has been to create a timeless space, that doesn't speak to a time period or theme or fad but, rather, the strength and integrity that is Pittsburgh.

"We kept the oak paneling pale white and cream to highlight the grain, but also stained quite a bit black to keep a strong contrast and drama," Kahalekulu added.

"We do have some hints of steel in the space, and of course lots of golden and brass tones – the space is designed to feel familiar, without screaming 'steel town or yellow bridge.'" 

The Oaklander's five distinct meeting and event spaces serve functions from 10 to 250 and also boast panoramic views of the Oakland neighborhood from their floor to ceiling windows. The spaces are on the 10th floor of the hotel.

The Oaklander’s Spirits & Tales (S&T) restaurant is also located on the 10th floor of the hotel. Chef Jessica Lewis at the helm and Michael Goldberg serving as Director of Food & Beverage. Taking cues from original French brasseries, Chef Lewis reimagines classic plates and beloved dishes with inspired use of vegetables, locally sourced meats, and expertly prepared seafood.

Information is based off a news release from The Oaklander Hotel.

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