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Topgolf: A Hole-In-One Alternative for Group Golf Outings

Topgolf is becoming a household name in the meetings industry.

Planners who are interested in booking a fun and engaging alternative to a traditional golf tournament are increasingly relying on Topgolf’s turnkey entertainment facilities for a new spin on the classic networking event.

Topgolf has two locations in South Carolina, Topgolf Greenville and Topgolf Myrtle Beach. They are equally large multi-floor, all-weather venues that house private event spaces and 72 golfing bays.

Topgolf Greenville Golfing Bays, Credit: Topgolf
Topgolf Greenville Golfing Bays, Credit: Topgolf

Both locations work with any size group and accommodate buyouts for up to 1,000 people, including 432 golfers who are guaranteed to play together rather than getting separated as they might in a bowling alley. Upon arrival, a Topgolf ambassador who will manage every facet of the event will greet the group.

“The greatest feedback we get is that we make it so seamless that even meeting planners could enjoy themselves instead of standing there with a clipboard overseeing every detail of the event,” said Topgolf Myrtle Beach’s Director of Sales Natalie Sypher (speaking on behalf of Topgolf Greenville as well).

Each venue employs in-house golf pros, and the entire staff is trained in giving basic instructions to those in the group who need help holding and swinging a club.

The advantage of Topgolf is that it offers an inclusive experience for both novice and experienced golfers who can tee up for a tournament that’s similar to one played on an actual course—without the pressure. Participants use microchipped golf balls that immediately register scoring based on each shot’s accuracy and distance.

Shot information is then broadcast on TV screens in the golf bay.

Topgolf Myrtle Beach Golf Bay Area, Credit: Topgolf
Topgolf Myrtle Beach Golf Bay Area, Credit: Topgolf

Each golf bay features a 215-yard range with target holes and a game panel with 16 different games to choose from, including three teambuilding activities especially designed for corporate groups.

“Teambuilding experiences are more than competitive, they are innovative,” Sypher said. “They allow groups to focus on deadlines, team morale, ice-breaking, and different takeaway lessons that are infused in the game.”

Topgolf also offers several menus at various price points that planners can choose from, including Backyard Barbecue and Fajita Fiesta. And for those in the group who aren’t golfing, there are other games and big-screen TVs to enjoy.

Featured Video: Topgolf Swing Suite Go

Meetings Today's Danielle LeBreck met up with Topgolf National Event Sales Manager Beka Romanies to check out the new Topgolf Swing Suite Go at IMEX America 2019.

Learn all about it in the video below!

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