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Wellness Expert Lee Papa Contemplates the Pandemic Age

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Is it possible to create the future and rewrite the past within your imagination? Could we all take time in our meditations, pre- and post- dream state, to see the world differently and impact the result?  

Neville Goddard [1905-1972] and many philosophers, scientists and authors agree it is so. But will we do what it takes—to go within—to make a difference?  

“Man moves in a world that is nothing more or less than his consciousness objectified.”  
—Neville Goddard 

Recently returning from the last meeting engagement of 2021 for a client after presenting for them virtually this last year, I was provided a reflection opportunity. Now, back in-person, the conference attendees eagerly joined in at the Mindfulness Lounge™, stating, “I was here with you last year.” It was not just one attendee, but many stating the same sentiment.  

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But it was almost two years ago. 

Had our consciousness wiped out a year of time? I myself had a challenge figuring out what year I was presenting live, and which events were virtual. Is this a coping mechanism or symptom of this recent past so traumatic that our brains have wiped portions out?  

Could it be possible to purposely reprogram an event or a block of time? We would go into our meditation or dream state with a purpose and revise a situation to recreate it in our imagination to a better outcome. That would be worth a try, wouldn’t it? 

Shifts and Lessons  

In observing patterns, changes and shifts in myself and of people from the vantage point of my personal sphere of friends, family and colleagues, there have been common themes that arose during the pandemic period. 

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Triggers and buttons of all kinds were pushed so that relationships could be embraced and healed—possibly these relationships have optimally ended or came full circle into a greater unity. Then there were situations that presented personal choices with a byproduct of more divide and which created less inclusion. There were shifts in jobs that offered new working structures, and some jobs became irrelevant but created opportunities for personal explorations into entrepreneurship and work that ignites more joy.  

Mental, emotional and physical health became a greater priority out of necessity to soothe stress and anxiety, with focuses on emotional and mental wellbeing. Discussions of the detoxification of the body was on the lips of many, along with more awareness of label reading for hidden chemicals in consumed and topical products. 

Some stopped putting toxic chemicals on their hair to let it revert to its natural color, which at first may have been a forced “decision” but then settled into embracing the beauty of the real natural.  

Embracing the family unit, feeling the love that comes from making family the priority, has been a strong theme. Weight gain was on the rise with “COVID curves” accepted, joked about and even embraced, and stretchy gym clothes for daily wear the norm.  

And I could go on and on as I am sure you have your own list.  

So, as we all go through our metamorphosis, remember it is yours to have and it will not look like another’s. There are stages and ebbs and flows. We must be mindful (awareness in nonjudgement), and patient with ourselves and others, as we go through the process. Set the stage for your year with a statement of how you will make a difference in your life.  

We all learned something about ourselves, our friends, our industry, our world over the last two years. Self-observation and personal discovery is how we become better versions of ourselves. You may possibly get pushed into this exploration, like via a pandemic, kicking and screaming, or it may be a soft slide to an unexpected and liberating awakening.  

Either way, it’s worth the ride. 

Imagine the Future 

How will the business world adapt? How will you personal evolve? What are the new needs being created as a result of our changing times?  

Will we use the old patterns, concepts and visions of the world to reproduce more of the same by reacting, or will we use the past with its extraordinary contrast to set the stage for something magnificent and use imagination to create a “new?”  

Only you can use imagination and consciously live from vision of the future. By doing so you bring forth into existence from a place of the wish fulfilled, the-end-result if you will.  

And when you do, the shift is reflected externally, right in front of you and around the world.

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