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Super Bowl LVI and LACC Career Academy Showcase CSR Potential in L.A.

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In Los Angeles, corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities have long been important components of meeting programs. As in-person events bounce back, the country’s second-largest city is shining the spotlight on the positive impacts meeting attendees can have, with recent examples showcasing how groups can leave a lasting influence on the local community.

Super Bowl LVI in February 2022 and the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) Career Academy program, launched at GSMA Mobile World Congress in fall 2021, both exemplify how attendees of major events in L.A. can not only volunteer their time, but can help affect meaningful, positive change.

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Super Bowl LVI Community Events 

Super Bowl LVI brought more than a football game to L.A. During Super Bowl week, more than 30 charitable activities and community outreach events took place to benefit the local community, with the goal of leaving a lasting impact on the L.A. region relating to issues such as social justice, sustainability, youth wellness and more.

“One of Los Angeles’ greatest strengths is the diversity of our community,” said Darren Green, Chief Sales Officer of Los Angeles Tourism. “Super Bowl LVI helped shine the spotlight on the many innovative options for meeting planners looking to authentically make an impact in our City of Los Angeles. This allows customers to address Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, combined with executing Corporate Social Responsibility.” 

One such example is the Inspire Change Huddle Legacy program, which is a part of the NFL’s ongoing social justice work. During the week leading up to the big game, the NFL joined Cisco to address the digital divide for the children of incarcerated parents. The program provided children the opportunity to participate in a special event to record messages to share with their incarcerated parents. 

The NFL has honed in on addressing the digital divide, as it has been an increasingly critical issue across the country. Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the pivot to virtual learning, barriers to education have increased particularly for individuals in underserved communities. 

NFL Network talent spoke with the kids and shared tips about recording in the studio. Additionally, the partnership provided funding to outfit the 30 children with technology at home, including computers, Wi-Fi hotspots, tablets and more. This contribution, which is part of the NFL Foundation and Cisco's $150,000 donation to address the digital divide in L.A., aimed to not only improve the learning at home experience, but also provide the kids with the tools they need to virtually connect with their incarcerated parents.

Also, to help improve food security for local South-Central L.A. families, the “NFL Green Huddle” occurred during Super Bowl week at A Place Called Home in partnership with the Los Angeles Rams, the Los Angeles Super Bowl Host Committee, Verizon and Lowe's to build and plant vegetable garden beds and install garden walls. Garden wall kits, soil and vegetable plants were also provided to families enrolled in A Place Called Home's urban agriculture program so they can grow their own produce at home, giving them immediate access to nutritious food. 

And that just scratches the surface. From celebrating and supporting the local LGBTQ+ community to professional development, read all the ways the NFL partnered with L.A. organizations to benefit the community.

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LACC Career Academy 

In response to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Executive Directive No. 27 on Racial Equity in City Government, the LA City Tourism Department launched the LACC Career Academy during the 2021 GSMA Mobile World Congress at the LACC. The program’s aim? To increase equity in career representation by inspiring the youth of historically underserved areas of L.A. to consider diverse, dynamic career paths.

The program’s launch at the convention is the first of more LACC Career Academy Days to come at future citywide events in L.A. 

“Los Angeles is a place where people dream and do—a city of creativity and innovation,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti, following the program’s launch. “By creating opportunities for young Angelenos and helping them to expand their horizons, the LACC Career Academy is an important part of that story.”

The fall event brought a dozen students from the Ambassador School of Global Leadership who had the opportunity to talk with Mayor Eric Garcetti, tour the exhibition hall and meet with executive leaders to learn about their individual career paths. 

“The LACC Career Academy is an innovative option for meeting planners looking to authentically make an impact in our city. For kids who have probably driven by the convention center many times and wondered what goes on in there, this type of experience makes such a deep impression and exposes to them to a variety of future opportunities,” Green said. 

More CSR Opportunities

Planners can work with LA Tourism and its partners to customize volunteer opportunities for groups, addressing issues from homelessness and the environment to educational equity and food insecurity. Make a meaningful impact with your next meeting in L.A. by considering a partnership with the following organizations:

  • L.A. Works: This volunteer action center mobilizes thousands of locals and visitors to volunteer their time to address critical issues in the L.A. area. L.A. Works has three decades of experience working with large groups. Recent examples of group service include beautifying education centers, assembling hygiene kits for the homeless, and stuffing teddy bears for foster youth.
  • Skid Row Running Club: Founded in 2012 by L.A. Superior Court Judge Craig Mitchell, this running program promotes health and wellbeing for the Skid Row community and works to support its members in overcoming alcohol/drug abuse. Groups can participate in runs to learn about the program and meet its members while getting a running tour of the city.

Learn more about how you can partner with LA Tourism to create meaningful CSR programs.

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