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Key Results From the 2023 Meetings Today Trends Survey

Meetings Today Trends Survey 2023 graphic.

Are we out of the woods yet when it comes to the pandemic?

The jury still seems to be out, but there are solid signs that business event planners are ready to move on, with responses to our annual Meetings Today Trends Survey indicating a path away from requiring COVID-19 protocols.

On the job-satisfaction side, planners are still an optimistic bunch, 
even through all of the recent trials and tribulations, and the trendline 
is moving in a positive direction when compared to last year’s survey. 

Core issues regarding compensation remain, however.

The outlook on hybrid meetings seems to be cooling a bit, 
though, compared to last year’s numbers.

Here are some of the key results from the 2023 Meetings Today Trends Survey. To see the whole survey, download our free Trends for 2023 eHandbook, with additional content provided by the content team from MPI.


What COVID-19 protocols are currenty being implemented at your meetings and events?

Meetings Today Trends chart about Covid protocols.

Do you plan to offer hybrid meetings in the future? How important is having detailed protocols regarding COVID-19 at your facilities/destinations?

Meetings Today Trends Survey chart regarding hybrid meetings and Covid protocols.

Over the past year, how seriously have you considered making a career change outside the meetings/events planning industry?

Meetings Today Trends Survey chart about career change.

How satisfied are you in your career choice as a meeting planner?

Meetings Today Trends Survey chart about career satisfaction.

Download our free Trends for 2023 eHandbook, produced in collaboration with the content team of MPI: 

2023 Trends eHandbook graphic and description.

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