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How to Host a Private Event at the Incredible Sphere in Las Vegas

By now, you’ve probably seen the jaw-dropping photos on social media of the famous Sphere in Las Vegas. The Sphere’s 580,000-square-foot fully programmable LED exterior sometimes poses as a giant emoji or a jack-o-lantern, other times it serves as the biggest advertisement you’ve ever seen. Or maybe you’ve seen videos of the 4D cinematic wonders in its “Bowl,” as the staff calls it, for U2 concerts and other shows like the signature Postcard From Earth experience. 

The best news for event planners? You can wow your attendees big time and book the futuristic venue for your next event. Following are all the possibilities, from the private event spaces to add-on experiences.

The Sphere Main Atrium. Photo Credit: Sphere Entertainment
The Sphere Main Atrium. Photo Credit: Sphere Entertainment

Private Event Spaces

Take your clients or groups to the Sphere and leave a lasting impression. The venue has dedicated event specialists and many possibilities for pre-show events to enhance the Sphere experience. Following are some spaces groups can utilize.

  • Theory Lounge: Up to 200 guests can enjoy their pre-show reception in this lounge, which is equipped with a full bar, seating and the option for appetizers.
  • Main Atrium: A group can take over the Main Atrium for a private event of up to 3,000 where attendees can have free rein of the fun tech throughout like a humanoid robot, beamforming technology demonstrations and avatar body scanning.
  • Expo Halls 3 and 5: Conveniently located on the same levels as suite seating for your VIPs, these blank spaces can be converted into any type of event. Expo Hall 3’s capacity is 425 and Expo Hall 5’s is 450.
  • The Bowl: Equipped with 17,600 seats and room for 20,000 standing, the Bowl is where the magic happens. During a buyout, groups can work with the Sphere staff for turnkey, custom events, utilizing the venue’s mind-blowing technology for concerts, presentations, product launches and more.

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Group Experiences

The star of the show, of course, is the actual show experience within the Sphere. Following a private reception, you can book tickets for your group to see the original Sphere experience show, Postcard From Earth, by Darren Aronofksy, which runs two to three times a day. According to Sphere staff, this content will refresh every 18-24 months, promising a unique experience for returning groups. 

Postcard From Earth Show. Photo Credit Sphere Entertainment
Postcard From Earth Show. Photo Credit Sphere Entertainment

Within the Bowl, attendees will enjoy a 4D sensory experience immersed in the largest LED screen on the planet, spanning 160,000 square feet. Machines can push gusts of wind out to the audience, fill the room with different scents and show-goers will feel the seats shake and rattle with the performance. Sphere Immersive Sound powered by HOLOPLOT—the most advanced concert-grade audio system in the world—uses beamforming technology, meaning that people inside can hear different music, sound effects and even languages depending on where they are seated.
All this technology can be utilized for any sort of live event experience, whether it’s a private concert, presentation, product launch or other gathering. Big concert acts will surely take advantage of the tech-forward venue. U2 is currently in residency at the Sphere through December.

Other Highlights

Aura AI Humanoid Robot. Photo Credit Sphere Entertainment
Aura AI Humanoid Robot. Photo Credit Sphere Entertainment

Attendees will also experience some impressive moments before stepping into the Bowl for a show. In the Main Atrium, the world’s most advanced humanoid robot, Aura, sits ready to have real conversations with visitors. People can also experience the beamforming sound technology in a demonstration in the atrium. Avatar scanners are also available for some pre-show metaverse fun.

Keep a close eye on the walls and you’ll find equations adorning them throughout. For curious math enthusiasts, these are the equations that were used to create the Sphere. 
Guided tours for groups of nine or more are available at events or pre-shows. Suites are also available for group experiences—up to 32 for live events and up to 24 for Postcard From Earth showings.

During this year's IMEX America 2023 Convention, Meetings Today got the opportunity to experience the Las Vegas Sphere. Check out the reel below to see more of the Las Vegas Sphere!


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