An Alternative to Destination Boycotts: SocialOffset

Many organizations, and especially associations, are challenged by legislation and policies that are counter to the values of their members, such as "bathroom bills" and statewide measures outlawing abortion. The firm opposition to these laws leads some to consider canceling their meetings in the destinations in which the laws were passed. 

But canceling or moving meetings, aka destination boycotts, can lead to legal and financial exposure and also impact those in the destination that rely on meetings and conventions to make a living, such as hotel, restaurant and transportation workers, among many others.

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To provide an alternative to cancelation, or attendees deciding to not participate in a meeting or convention, meetings industry veterans Beth Surmont and Elena Gerstmann created SocialOffset, which allows attendees and organizations to donate to charities that counter the legislation and policies in question.

Meetings Today's Tyler Davidson talked with Surmont and Gerstmann to discover what SocialOffset, now in its pilot phase, brings to the conversation about destination boycotts, especially in the association segment.

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Listen to the episode:


On-Demand Webinar: Destination Boycotts: What Meeting Planners Need to Know 

SocialOffset's Elena Gerstmann and Beth Surmont.

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