Logistics Management

Opinion: You Need Event Service Profs More Than Ever. Here's Why

Event service professionals now offer an updated value proposition for meeting planners, as they will play a key role in the return to in-person meetings in an uncertain environment. Event service leader Paola Bowman makes her case for the important role her colleagues will play.

10 Pro Tips for Drive-To Meetings

There’s a lot to consider when the majority of your attendees are traveling by car to your meeting. Use these 10 tips to plan a successful drive-to meeting or event. Read more.

Expert Tips for Bringing a U.S. Meeting to Canada

The advantages of taking a meeting that is traditionally held in the U.S. across the border to Canada are many, from a currently favorable exchange rate to a division within the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) that is primed to make the transportation of materials go as smoothly as possible. Learn how to take advantage of the system.

Follow the Basics When Planning and Holding Meetings

Whether it’s an internal executive committee meeting at your office or an annual sales meeting for 1,000 people, there must be a plan in place to make it a positive, collaborative experience for all attendees. It must be a plan that will keep attendees engaged, motivated and provide an ROI for their time spent in the meeting.

A Planners' Guide: Shipping Event Materials Across U.S. Borders Into Canada and Mexico

Call it a tale of two countries. In Canada, U.S.-based meeting planners and organizations can tap a variety of Canadian government programs and select companies to help them expedite the cross-border customs process for shipping materials to their north of the border events. In Mexico, though, the process is more convoluted, so tapping into the experience of planners who have been there and done that is advice well taken.