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ViViD: The Fireworks Show in a Box Adds Sizzle to Events

So about a year ago, when planning for my Hot List™: 2018 in New Orleans, I had a phone conversation with a potential participant/vendor that resulted in me profiling his product during my presentation.

Thirty minutes after the show ended, his phone and email were overloaded with leads and requests, and one year later it’s still one of the hottest ideas I ever had on the list.

Grand Finale Entertainment LLC has developed a high-tech fireworks entertainment solution for event planners to add the magic and majesty of fireworks to their most important parties and celebrations.

Grand Finale offers a digital show-creator tool that generates a beautiful fireworks-show-in-a-box that's smartphone controlled and customized based on customer needs and venue location.

I have personally used the company’s services for our own events (four times!) in the past year.

Grand Finale’s fireworks product is called ViViD: The Fireworks Show in a Box* and it eliminates the challenges people have with fireworks, such as cost, space, logistics, debris and excessive noise. It even helps solve the many questions that arise from the complex laws governing fireworks displays. ViViD's new product helps people feel better about celebrating life with the magic of fireworks all year long.

ViViD: The Fireworks Show in a Box Makes Safety a Top Priority

We all love fireworks as a way to celebrate life events, but most never buy or use them because of feelings of anxiety and fear. Not to mention the potential safety issues that may arise.

Historically, the commercial fireworks purchase process and user experience is complex, leaving people feeling unsure, unsafe and frustrated from low quality products with little entertainment value.

ViViD is a professional fireworks entertainment company that offers a full level of service to event planners, consisting of insurance, permits and a ViViD Tech to handle everything at the event.

ViViD: The Fireworks Show in a Box Outdoor Kit
ViViD: The Fireworks Show in a Box Outdoor Kit

ViViD: The Fireworks Show in a Box was designed to eliminate the barriers and help people feel more confident about the No. 1 need—safety. The solution is a digital show-creator tool in which planners provide their special event details and receive a recommended, worry-free fireworks-show-in-a-box.

The end product is custom-made, beautifully designed, easy and safe to use, smartphone controlled and delivered right to you or your organization’s door well in advance of that big meeting or event.

One more thing. Some customers have done baby reveals with pink and blue fireworks—BLOWN AWAY!

As with all of my favorite finds, ViViD: The Fireworks Show in a Box is #mcapproved.

*Editor's Note: ViViD, The Fireworks Show in a Box is not taking additional orders for 2019 at the time of publication while it ramps up supply capacity. The company will provide an update on its website when it is accepting orders again.

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