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Wellness-Related Corporate Gift Ideas That Promote Attendee Health and Mindfulness

Calm for Business

Meetings and events attendees come from all walks of life, traveling from cities around the world to come together in one place, and sometimes, it may seem as though their final destination is the only thing every attendee has in common. That, and their general interest in health and wellness.

No matter their background, what position they hold or what industry they’re a part of, every meeting attendee and business traveler has the same responsibilities that come alongside prioritizing oneself, which makes corporate gift-giving wellness items a win-win.

Following are a few useful wellness-related gift ideas that promote attendee health and wellness. 

Gifts for Sleeping

Sleep is hard enough to come by, and when business travel is a part of your typical routine, a good night’s sleep can feel impossible. Between noisy hotel hallways and uncomfortable airplane seats, even when attendees find the time to relax and rewind, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment for sleep can be tricky. Here are a few wellness gifts that can help make sleep a little easier: 

  • Sleep Mask with Built-In Headphones: This adjustable sleep mask is compact and easily transportable, making it easy for business travelers to toss in their carry-on bags and go. The built-in headphones come programmed with 12 different sleep soundtracks to tune out any distracting noises to make sleeping on the
    R&R Sound Machine
    R&R Sound Machine
    go easier. 
  • R&R Sound Machine: This R&R sound machine helps with both concentration and relaxation, offering 24 sounds to select from to block out environmental noises and distractions in the office or at home including six white noise options, six fan sound options and 12 natural sounds like the ocean, beach waves, crickets, rain, thunderstorms and more.  
  • Calm for Business: Calm for Business is a subscription in the Calm app and helps employees achieve better sleep, reduce stress and center themselves while promoting work-life balance. The platform offers engaging and diverse content featuring celebrities and fan-favorite thought leaders that help app users develop a daily mental health practice and provide content programming and tools aligned with the National Institute of Health’s emotional and mental wellness strategies. Calm Business also prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) through 350-plus worldwide narrators with 44% BIPOC representation, programs offered in seven languages and decided programs supporting the LGBTQ+ community.   

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Gifts for Mindfulness 

When work tasks become more demanding than usual and it feels like there’s not enough time in the day, staying present and mindful is likely one of the last things business travelers and meeting attendees are worried about. Consider gifting your meeting attendees one of these products to remind them to take a moment for themselves and clear their head.  

  • Headspace for Work: Headspace for Work gives your team complete access to the Headspace app, including hundreds of exercises for stress, focus, productivity, sleep and more, with live meditations and exclusive experiences crafted specifically for your team to reduce stress and burnout and therefore increase focus and teamwork.  
  • Mindfulness Cards: Offering more than 50 prompts and exercises for wellness of the mind and body, these Mindfulness Cards provide an easy grab-and-go option for meeting attendees and business travelers to carry with them on the run. The cards encourage awareness, calmness and joy through inspiring phrases and mindfulness exercises for users to try and are divided into four color-coded categories: Rest & Balance; Insight & Awareness; Curiosity & Joy; and Kindness.
  • Wellness & Mindfulness Journal: Designed to help users customize
    Wellness & Mindfulness Journal
    Wellness & Mindfulness Journal
    records of their fitness, nutrition and wellness journeys, this Moleskin Passion Journal for wellness includes introductory pages full of nutrition tips, exercise ideas to increase muscle mass, practical fitness facts and more. Four dedicated and structured sections help divide progress into categories including personal goals, fitness, diet, health and care, while plain pages allow for extra notes and reflection.  

Gifts for Movement 

Business travelers and meeting attendees are almost always on their feet, walking from meeting to meeting, touring properties or exploring a new destination or the tradeshow floor, but sometimes it’s helpful to weave mindful and intentional movement into busy schedules. These wellness gifts are ideal for staying active even when you’re on the road. 

Pickleball Set
Pickleball Set
  • Pickleball Set: America’s fastest-growing sport has taken over tennis courts and rooftops across the country, and with the option to play pickleball at many hotel properties today, business travelers and meeting attendees alike have hopped on the trend. This pickleball paddle and ball set features two paddles made of birchwood with a protective black plastic edge to prevent chipping, as well as two high-visibility pickleballs and a mesh sling bag for easy transportation. 
  • Yoga Dice: Containing seven wooden dice—one for each chakra—this yoga dice set is easy to travel with and helps users create a relaxing yoga session that’s unique every time. Each wooden cube features a variety of yoga poses from seated, standing, balancing, twisting and more, and when rolled together, the set builds a yoga practice that’s even possible to move through in a hotel room.
  • Peloton
    Free Fitness Class or Program Subscription (Peloton Corporate Wellness): A free fitness class or subscription to a fitness program or studio is a unique option for giving the gift of wellness to employees and attendees everywhere. The Peloton Corporate Wellness program connects businesses and organizations to Peloton content and connected fitness products, providing access to innovative mental and physical health resources. Peloton Corporate Wellness also offers a booklet for benefits leaders called Four Essential Dimensions of Wellness—exercise, relaxation, recovery and community—and how they help improve workforce wellbeing.  

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Gifts for Nourishment 

Sometimes, planning healthy meals and snacks—or simply even remembering to eat at all—is a challenge many business travelers and meeting attendees overlook as the stressors of scheduling client meetings or attending presentations and organized activities weighs heavily on their shoulders. Following are a few wellness-focused gifts that can make healthy eating easier.  

W&P Power Lunch & Book Bundle
W&P Power Lunch & Book Bundle
  • W&P Power Lunch & Book Bundle: Help your attendees master grocery shopping, meal prepping and cooking healthy midday meals with more than 100 mix-and-match recipes from author Olivia Mack McCool. The bundle also comes with the make-and-take Porter Bowl and a silicone set of stainless-steel silverware. 
  • Good 4 You Gift Baskets: With the goal of being the “No. 1 healthy gift basket delivery business” in the U.S., Good 4 You offers corporate gift baskets packed with healthy, gluten-free and vegan foods and drinks like fresh fruits, wine, cheese, teas and more.  
  • Portable Mini Blender: These six-blade portable mini blenders are a quick, easy, nontoxic and environmentally friendly way for business travelers and meeting attendees to get their fruits and vegetables in on the go. The blenders are battery powered and work with a double-click-to-start, click-to-stop technology.  

Practicing wellness and prioritizing health is not something that can be forced, but by gifting meeting attendees products that focus on improving the mind and body, you can help encourage them to take one step forward in their wellness journeys.

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